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5 essential tips to Forever Young images

5 essential tips to Forever Young

  • Aug 20, 2018
  • Festus Allasseh
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No one can stop the biological clock from ticking but there are ways you can look younger without breaking the bank or causing yourself havoc. Here are five essential tips to care for your skin and also fool the cameras and mirrors that you are pretty and younger.

Use gentle cleanser
In the skim care routine, cleansing is an important part of laying the foundation for a glowing and forever young skin. It is good because it helps remove all skin care products or make up previously as well as natural oils, pollutants and bacteria that have pulled up all day. It also helps skin products penetrate deeply into the skin and this makes them work more effectively.

Exfoliate regularly.
As you get older the pace at which your skin renews itself slows down. This means that you start to look dull and uneven, but when you exfoliate, the dead cells are taken off your skin and the new ones come out brighter.

Pat on anti-aging serum
Serums contain more concentration of active ingredients than moisturizers and here are the ingredients to lookout for when making a purchase; retinoids (retinols, tretinoin and tazarotene), Vitamins C(L-ascorbic acid and magnesium phosphate) and collagen.

Apply sunscreen
If you want the easiest way to look young apply sunscreen everyday. A recent study showed that a daily application of broad spectrum SPF-30 can help fade away age spots, improve skin texture, and flatten out wrinkles by 20 percent in three months.

Moisturize often
As you grow older the secretions of sebum on the skin glands becomes less. This means your skin will dry out more easily and when the skin is not well hydrated fine lines begin to appear. But when you moisturize regularly your skin can be easily fixed.

So that's just it on forever young, do you have a question or would like to recommend some tips not listed, please use three comment box and don't forget to hit the share buttons.
Festus Allasseh

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