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Apple new releases, Store prices, Watch & iPhone 2018 images

Apple new releases, Store prices, Watch & iPhone 2018

  • Sep 12, 2018
  • Festus Allasseh
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APPLE is reportedly preping a TRIO of new iPhone handsets - along with more products like the Apple Watch - which will be unveiled at new 2018 Apple Event taking place later today.

Apple could unveil as many as three new iPhone handsets this week as the technology giant looks to expand the range of smartphones it offers.

The company is reportedly set to introduce two updated versions of the iPhone X - including a larger Plus-style phone - alongside a cheaper version of the device, complete with the all-screen front panel and Face ID.

Industry experts are also predicting a fourth-generation Apple Watch will be introduced during the event, which is taking place at the firm's Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple's Cupertino Park campus in California.

Everything you could want to know about the event can be found below, including where and when you can watch the livestream, what else could be unveiled AND what some experts have said about the upcoming products.

As always though, stay tuned for more information (and LEAKS) throughout the day leading up to the event.

When exactly today does the iPhone event kick-start?
The event will get underway at 10am local time in California, which for the sake of anyone in the UK means you can tune into the stream to watch at 6pm BST.

Stay tuned afterwards though as tech sites will have a huge amount of extra info to reveal as they get hands on with the new devices.

How can you watch the event?
Apple will live stream its iPhone event on Twitter for the first time on Wednesday,

The US phone giant will allow people to watch the event live on the social media site, widening its potential viewership by breaking with a long- standing tradition of only allowing viewers to tune in via the company's website.

However, if you don't want to break with tradition, you can still head to the companies website - by following this link - to stream the event as soon as it starts at 6pm.

Likewise, if you own an Apple TV you can also tune in by using the Apple events app which comes pre-installed on the device.

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